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In 2020, during the COVID-19 global pandemic, people worldwide had to instantaneously pivot from known daily routines and best practices to protect themselves and others. Exercise for the benefit of physical and mental health became more important than possibly any other time in history. It also became more difficult for many to maintain their fitness routines as gyms shut their doors with no timeline for re-opening.

Trainers and fitness enthusiasts across the world scampered to figure out, "what's next?" Many wondered, "how can we maintain our health without access to gyms and fitness centers?" But working out at home is not a big bang theory anymore. When you think of creating a space to workout at home, don't get overwhelmed by the term “home gym.” You don’t need to have a fully equipped gym atmosphere to get a great workout, not even close.


Here are some pieces that we recommend to our customer and others getting started with home workouts:

● Dumbbells - one set is great, but three sets (light, medium, and heavy) are better. Lighter weights would be something you’d use for front raises, and a medium set would be akin to what you’d use for bicep curls and heavy for bent-over rows and squats. If space is an issue for you, adjustable weights are a great option! Adjustable weights are commonly available in the form of dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells. Adjustable weights allow you, the home exerciser, to have various options without requiring a lot of storage space.

● Equipment for functional training - We also often recommend having Wall ball or large Slam ball. Balance disks are great, as well as other weighted items such as sand bags and Bulgarian bags.

● Other Items - You may also want to include resistance bands, a battle rope, bench, fitness mats, and more. If you have other items like a treadmill, bike, or elliptical, of course, those things are great as well - but not necessary for a fantastic workout at home! The possibilities are endless. Don’t let the idea and cost of creating a home gym overwhelm you. Many of my clients add equipment gradually for a variety of pieces to use. If you’re on a strict budget or simply not ready to buy-in with traditional equipment - I have options for you as well!

Visit our store to get equipment to take your home gym to up notch level.

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