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Outfitting your new home workout space is the easiest part of adopting a home training routine. Committing to home workouts means changing your way and mindset, but you can do it! Once you settle in and realize the benefits of at-home exercises, you'll love it.

As you settle into a home workout routine, you may have to navigate a few unknowns. How will I stay motivated? How will I stay accountable? What if I don't like working out alone? Do I even have room at home to do this? These are all very valid questions that you can work through and modify to fit your life as time goes on. Let's take a look at some realistic solutions for your new fitness routine.

Accountability: A workout buddy can be your spouse or partner, a neighbor down the road, or a dear friend 1,800 living miles away. In this virtual world, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re committed to checking in with each other and keeping an accountability plan. You may even exercise together via Zoom or Facetime. Virtual workouts give you some friend time and fitness time all in one.

Staying on track: I always recommend pre-planning as much as possible (including workouts and meals). Where workouts are concerned, if you can plan yours ahead of time, you'll be better set for success. Treat your home gym time like an appointment. Put it on the calendar, keep that commitment to yourself, and DON'T break it! You wouldn't no show a friend or colleague, so don't "no-show" yourself!

Home gym space: Most people don't have a spare room to create their home gym in. Please don't let space discourage you. People are working out in studio apartments or shared spaces that have incredible home fitness success stories to tell. You can workout anywhere with basic equipment when you exercise at home. You may choose your bedroom, living room, basement, garage, or even the driveway. The most important thing is, you get it done!

Here are some equipment at our store that you would need to start workout at home.


Now that you know home workouts are possible and have many benefits over gym time, I hope you're motivated to start! While these changing times are difficult for all of us, it's encouraging to know that you can keep your physical endurance, mental wellbeing, and immune system up by balancing your nutrition and participating in regular exercise - from anywhere.

All you have to do now is get started, and remember, consistency is critical. I wish you the best of success on your at-home fitness journey!

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